From ethnic fashion to heritage jewelry: How these Filipinas help tribes, revive culture through unique business concepts

Looie Lobregat spent ten fruitful years in the banking industry, but an inner creative streak pushed her to pursue a road in fashion entrepreneurship.

The Source: Looie Lobregat, Danielle Tan and Christine Tiu

 The labor of the hands of the Yakan tribe - weaving not just thread but expressions of art. At the same time empowering communities.

ANC Shoptalk Features Linea Etnika

Linea Etnika's purpose lies on preserving tradition by intertwining indigenous patterns to modern fabrics. How? Watch this.

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ANC Features Linea Etnika | Social Entrepreneurs Share the Importance of "Social Good" through Business

ANC shoptalk March 15, 2019

CNN features Linea Etnika

Happy International Women’s Day !!! 🙋🏼‍♀️💃🙎🏼‍♀️The early morning start on @cnnphilippines with gracious host, Christine Jacob-Sandejas was perfect!! An opportunity for @looielobregat , Linea Etnika Co-founder and President, to share our journey - anchored on friendship, mutual trust & respect for the Yakan People in Zamboanga City, a conscious effort to preserve and promote culture and a motivation to make weaves mainstream for the Linea Etnika Woman to wear with pride. We’ve already shared this wonderful news with our extended Yakan family 💜 Thank you CNN Philippines and Christine for a great morning !!! Next...