Looie Lobregat, Linea Etnika Co-founder & President, has been featured in the Anniversary Issue of Metro Society PH


The Anniversary Issue of @metrosocietyph includes a feature on Women Who Dare. It reads, “They live in pursuit of their dreams - and by doing so they change the world.” I am honored and grateful to be part of this feature, and stand along side Filipinas who as the article describes, “dream and dream without limits, become women with purpose and vision.” “We always try to remember who and what we’re doing this for. We want to establish that @lineaetnika is not simply just about fashion or style or business; it’s about helping communities, elevating local traditions and representation.” - @looielobregat, Linea Etnika Co-founder & President 

So timely this came out in October, National Indigenous Peoples Month. 
Heartfelt thank you to EIC Raul Manzano @eiconthemove_ and the @metrosocietyphcrew for sharing our story & inspiring us to keep Weaving Dreams and #MakingWeavesMainstream 💜 #LineaEtnika #YakanWeaves #Handloom#ZamboangaCity #LoveLocal #Heritage#Grateful #LineaEtnikaWoman#rechargeyoursoul

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