Hooray to 5!

We knew that 2021 would be special even amidst this pandemic because of our 5th anniversary in April. We imagined celebrating meaningfully and planned with our brand values in mind. The creative process was fulfilling and enriching. Thank you universe for the paths we’ve crossed, for the humans we’ve connected with, for the lessons we’ve learned and for allowing us to remain true to our core.

Linea Etnika is an avenue to collaborate with communities and like minded brands who value women empowerment, dignity of work, loving local and making things happen with gratitude. It is deeply rooted in Zamboanga City because of a relationship my grandmother, Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat (Lola Caling), started with the Yakan Weaving Village. Our mission was to nurture sustainably.  The Mascota Collection is also a way to honor her 100th in heaven on April 26 with vivid and vibrant memories in our hearts. Lola Caling was a woman of grace, substance and strength who advocated culture, was Zamboanga’s first woman mayor, known as Nana del Ciudad (mother of City) who overflowed with love and generosity. She grew up learning to til the soil and empathize with farmhands.

In January, with that initial IG message to Tropik Beatnik and several exchanges which always just seemed to flow, our idea to work together to produce beautiful, relevant and significant pieces happened. We hope your Mascota Collection accessories bring you joy and contentment. Stay tuned for fresh drops!


Our inspiration - the Mascota. Uniquely Zamboangueño. A traditional ensemble with Hispanic infuence. It is meticulously constructed with 6 elements to complete the fashion marvel: Corpiño (chemise or inner garment), Candongga (pañuelo), Renggue (upper garment or top), Sobre Falda (tapis atop the skirt), Cola (skirt with a long trail) and Enaguas (uderskirt or petticoat).

Mascota de Zamboanga is the City's most resplendent gala celebrated in October during the Zamboanga Hermosa festival. It was instituted by Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat in 2003 and has been part of Zamboanga's story since. In 2017, we judged the cultural fashion show and competition and were in awe of the rich culture and creativity showcased. This collection mimics the Mascota - elaborate, textured, layered and diverse with an alluring silhouette. A statement piece!

Meet the Makers

Yakan trims are too precious to waste. Our Yakan women artisans in Zamboanga City need at least a week to prepare the full loom with over 100,000 meters of thread (that’s 250 laps around an olympic track!) and weave a meter of tapestry using the back-strap method. This is why our master cutter consciously sets aside Yakan trims to upcycle and repurpose.

We pass this on to Tropik Beatnik who conditions, molds and creases the clay by hand. The process is meticulous and a test of  patience. They partner with a Gawad Kalinga community in Quezon City to assemble the components which include beads, pearls, metal rings and the fabric. Again, the Yakan trims are prepared by cutting, edging with heat and attached on the clay pieces. It takes at least 3 days for this end-to-end process.

The items are returned to us for packaging and delivery to you. Use them to complement your beauty and style. Remember to smile!